Good stuff day

Assorted good stuff today (by which I mean Friday, though posted a little too late for "today" to be officially Friday):

  • Happy anniversary, Mary Anne!
  • Happy birthday to Tim P. and to Beth B.
  • Rich Horton has posted his year-end summary of SH's fiction. Very pleasing. Those of you with any interest in the short-fiction end of the sf field, btw, really ought to read Rich's year-end summaries of magazines; they're more thorough than anything that anyone else in the field does.
  • More Thursday night than Friday: we're getting closer to making decisions about all the stories submitted before our December break started. I'm not going to give an estimate of when we'll get through all of 'em, but we made a lot of progress last night.
  • Had my performance review at work today. Overall pretty positive; mostly got about the same positive and negative comments as last year. Continue to be tickled on the rare occasions when I'm reminded that my official job title is Principal Writer.
  • Heard the beginning of "This Way Out" ("The International Lesbian & Gay Radio Magazine") on the radio tonight; the program opened with a news roundup that included all sorts of heartening and heartwarming news items from around the world, which I'll try to remember to post about in more detail when I'm awake. (Following links from that page will eventually lead you to a streaming-audio version of the show if you want to hear it for yourself.)

There's plenty of other stuff I want to post about, but I can barely keep my eyes open, so it'll have to wait.

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