I got a few birthday presents and some nice phone calls and emails and journal comments; thank you all! I think my favorite present, though, was merely a coincidence in timing: the chance to reprint Eleanor Arnason's story "The Grammarian's Five Daughters" in our author focus issue this week. It's one of my favorite stories, for reasons that will doubtless be obvious (upon reading it) to anyone who knows me.

This week we're also featuring an interview with Eleanor (by Lyda Morehouse) and two reviews of Eleanor's work—one by John Garrison of her first novel, A Woman of the Iron People, which won the first Tiptree award in 1991 and is now available in a new ebook edition, and one by Ruth Berman on the Hwarhath stories, including a handy bibliography listing all the stories.

Eleanor is up for two Nebulas this year (for the Hwarhath novella "Potter of Bones" and the non-Hwarhath short story "Knapsack Poems") and will be one of the guests of honor at this year's WisCon. If you're not familiar with her and her work, go read about her.

(Oh, and in case y'all Swarthmore types don't know this, she's a Swarthmore alum.)

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  1. heather w

    Brian Atteberry has an article about Ring of Swords in the latest NYRSF, too.

    and here’s my WisCon 28 fantasy: that there will be a surprise announcement of the forthcoming publication of the RoS sequels and a Hwarhath story collection.


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