On Safari? Take a map, see a movie

O frabjous day! Google Maps now works with Safari. I'm very pleased. (It also works with Opera now, but that's less relevant to me. Oh, and of course it still works with all the other browsers it already worked with.) It's so shiny!

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As before, I'm not in any way speaking for the company, nor did I have anything to do with creating Maps, nor do I know significantly more about it than what you can learn by reading the Help. I'm just a very pleased customer.

Oh, hey, while I'm here, I may as well mention another cool (but unrelated) new Google thing: Google movie search. Like, if you can't think of the name of that movie where Jack Nicholson plays the guy with obsessive-compulsive disorder, you can search for [movie: ocd nicholson] (without the brackets) and be reminded that it was As Good As It Gets. And you can also get showtimes for movies near you by providing a zip code or city-and-state, as in [movie: 94043]. And you can use Google SMS to send a text message (from a cell phone, say) and get movie showtimes that way. All very cool.

I may as well also mention here that I found out today that one of my new co-workers went to Bryn Mawr. When I told her I'd gone to Swarthmore, she said, "Yeah, you talk like you went to Swarthmore." I was amused.

. . . If you're interested in how systems like Google Maps and Google Suggest are implemented, you might be interested in "Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications," by one of the founders of Adaptive Path. Further disclaimer: I have no inside knowledge about whether the article accurately describes how the tools are built; I just think it's an interesting article. The model it describes is similar in some ways to the Rich Internet Application model that Macromedia's been touting the past few years, except that Macromedia's approach uses Flash and the Ajax model uses JavaScript.

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  1. metasilk

    you talk like you went to Swarthmore

    What traits of speech gave you away? What do we talk like? *grin*


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