Meme in my pants

There are two long fairly serious entries I want to write soon: one about the origins of my zeppelin story (Tangent Online has just reviewed the zeppelin book), and one about wills and handling of assets after someone's death (which was the topic I kept forgetting I wanted to write about). But both of those will take time and thought and emotional energy to write, and I should've been asleep an hour ago. So instead I'll just post a bit of sophomoric humor I put together a few days ago, which will require no further thought at all. (But first I'll mention that one other thing that's been cheering me up intermittently is reading a new Jennifer Crusie book: Bet Me. So far not as good as some of her others, but still has some delightful moments, and still makes me smile regularly.)

Last week, Tim posted the results of a pants meme: take the first 25 songs in your media player or iTunes or whatever (on shuffle play) and add "in my pants" to the end of each title. I made such a list last week; actually I did it twice and took the best of both lists. Tim said to put your favorites in bold, but I never got around to deciding which of these were my favorites, so I'm just gonna post 'em.

I laughed and laughed while reading these. I don't know why I find this stuff so amusing. Thanks much, Tim! (Did you invent this meme? If so, nice work!)

  • Off to Find a Treasure in my pants
  • Swimming to the Other Side in my pants
  • The Grey Funnel Line in my pants
  • Slow Train Through Georgia in my pants
  • Light As the Breeze in my pants
  • I Told Him That My Dog Wouldn't Run in my pants
  • Going to the West in my pants
  • Friend and Companion in my pants
  • Banks of Marble in my pants
  • Stand on Your Own Head in my pants
  • Fair Was the Blossom in my pants
  • The Kind of Love You Never Recover From in my pants
  • Oklahoma in my pants (kind of like Carolina in My Mind)
  • Sand and Water in my pants
  • Today in my pants
  • Solitude Standing in my pants
  • Purple Toupee in my pants
  • Lies in my pants
  • Let Her Go Down in my pants
  • Under Your Spell in my pants
  • The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la in my pants
  • Brown Skin Ladies/Mangoes Are Ripe in my pants
  • Sir Joseph's barge is seen in my pants
  • Changing As I Go in my pants
  • The Bed Dance in my pants
  • Only You in my pants

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  1. Tim Pratt

    No, I didn’t invent it (I can’t remember where I saw it first — some livejournal deep in a chain of followed-links), but I’m happy to help popularize it!


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