Mary Anne mentioned that yesterday was her and Kevin's thirteenth anniversary (happy anniversary!) (see also her note from last year about reverting to May 1 after an attempt to change to a different day), which started me thinking about anniversaries.

As I mentioned in an entry a couple years ago, Kam and I don't have an anniversary per se, but I do have fond associations between Kam and May Day/Beltane. (Sometime after posting that entry, I found myself back in touch with the Becky I mentioned there, and she confirmed that the evening in question was indeed May 1, 1992; it was right after the Rodney King verdict.) Kam's currently out of the country—she's on a treasure-hunting expedition somewhere south of the border—but she'll return tomorrow, I believe.

And while I was looking for that entry I just linked to, I came across an entry from last year mentioning an entirely unrelated then-upcoming anniversary, which I completely forgot about by the time it rolled around: the tenth anniversary of the appearance of my first web page was sometime this past January (on SGI's web server; they set aside space for employees to post public pages). I just went through some old email trying to pin down the exact date, but I don't seem to have that information. My first reference to it in email was 11 January 1995; I didn't explicitly say it was brand-new at that point, but other evidence suggests that it hadn't been up for long, and other other evidence suggests that I didn't have one in November 1994. I apparently started pointing friends to it, and added it to my .sig, around 19 January. So for now I'll consider 11 January 2005 to have been the tenth anniversary of that page.

(Unrelated to anniversaries: found a note from Peter from late 1994, in which he said he was hoping to be teaching math for another thirty years, so a threat from his Master's program to the effect that he wouldn't graduate on time if he didn't finish a particular assignment on time didn't carry much weight.)

Oh, and I thought yesterday was also the 175th anniversary of the birthday of Mother Jones, but Wikipedia says she was born in 1837 instead of 1830, and doesn't give a specific day, so I don't know where I got the 1 May 1830 date.

Speaking of birthdays, today or tomorrow is Pete Seeger's 86th. I have it down as May 2, but Wikipedia says May 3. And on Wednesday, Laura T. will be 5!

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