Customer service update

As a partial counterbalance to the general gloom of that last entry, I may as well mention an unrelated good thing: I've had several remarkably good customer service experiences lately.

Talked (by phone) with a woman at the DMV the other day, for example, who was friendly and helpful and cheerful and gave me all the information I needed. (And she was right that license plates sometimes take up to 30 days to arrive after they finish being processed; mine arrived today, 29 days after the processing date.) And I talked with a woman at State Farm about unresolved stuff about my old car; when I said that I hadn't yet gotten around to sending in my title after my accident, she said "Me too!" and I said "Huh?" and she told me all about how she'd been in a car accident and was supposed to send in her title but couldn't find it, and eventually figured out she'd never gotten it from the bank after she finished paying off the loan; all of which could've been annoying to have to listen to, but she was so friendly that instead it was charming. And then I talked with a man at State Farm who was also nice, and who quickly agreed to re-send me the forms I need to fill out.

The people at Northwest Airlines last weekend were largely friendly and helpful too (though—did I mention this?—they oversold our outgoing flight by 20 seats, and our return flight by 30 seats!). And I had a very odd interaction with one of them: first she told me she liked my name, and then she started gesturing with both index fingers up and down on her cheeks, on either side of her mouth, and saying things like "very precise!" I eventually figured out, I think, that she was praising the way I had trimmed my beard. (Um, at least I think that was a Northwest person—Kam, am I right about that? I may be conflating a couple of different interactions here.)

Finally, an odd bit from last week: I went to get a haircut, and instead of the woman who usually cuts my hair, a man I don't think I'd seen before cut it. He mostly let me sit quietly, as I prefer, but he did try a couple of times to start a conversation. The first time, he told me that he was really glad Friday was coming; then he explained that it was because of the island. Huh? Turns out he meant that the movie The Island was opening Friday, and he was really looking forward to it. But he talked about it as if it were as big a cultural event as a new Harry Potter book—the kind of thing that everyone would naturally know about and be interested in.

But that wasn't the odd part. The odd part was a little later, after a period of silence (and I should note that this haircut took a total of about 45 minutes, which is two or three times as long as usual at that place), when he suddenly said something about blue eyes. I said huh? He said, "Are they real?" I said huh? again. He said, "Your eyes. They're blue, but your hair is brown. That's pretty unusual." I mumbled something to the effect that yes, they were real. But I was mystified. Weird enough for a haircut guy to comment on my eye color; much weirder that his first assumption would be that they were colored contacts. Especially since he had seen me put on and take off glasses a couple of times already.

So anyway, in case any of you have been wondering all these years but have felt it wasn't polite to ask, my hairdresser has now asked for you, so I can now tell you: yes, my eyes are naturally blue, and my hair is naturally brown. IIrc, blue eyes are recessive; but both of my parents had blue eyes and brown hair. I don't think it's that rare a combination.

(It seems worth mentioning that the haircut guy was of East Asian descent; I imagine that had something to do with his reaction. But I'm having a hard time explaining why that seems relevant. So I'm just gonna give up and go to bed.)

11 Responses to “Customer service update”

  1. Amy Sisson

    Jed, maybe we should start a brown hair/blue eyes club. Mine are blue also, although my husband claims they literally turn green if I have a momentary flare of jealousy, which he concedes does not happen often!

    Hope to see you in Scotland!

  2. Wendy Shaffer

    I also have brown hair and blue eyes. I’ve never been asked if my eyes are real, but an opthalmologist did once ask me during an eye exam if my hair color was real. Apparently my retinas look blonde.

  3. David Moles

    Frankly, I’d be surprised if brown isn’t the most common hair color among people with blue eyes.

  4. Catherine O

    Well, obviously I have brown hair and blue eyes — my mother’s coloring. My father’s family is all dark hair (darker than mine) and brown eyes, but clearly there’s a recessive in there somewhere. My brother also has my mother’s coloring.

    However, your hair is a much darker brown than mine, almost black. Maybe that’s the unusual combination and most people with blue eyes have lighter brown hair?

  5. Susan

    That may have something to do with it–I’ve got brown hair and blue eyes, but my brown hair is of the lightish variety that is often confused with other colors.

  6. Lola

    Well, obviously you guys are all just freaks of nature. And maybe your parents were exposed to radiation and aliens when you were in utero. 🙂 And the rest of us are perfectly normal in every way. And yes, my hair is naturally curly and I don’t want to straighten it, thank you very much.

  7. Kerri

    i have black hair and blue eyes…i guess i got it from my parents and grandparents…who all had really dark hair and either hazel or blue eyes…we are a rare breed so ive read

  8. Anonymous

    I love that look(brown hair and blue eyes.) I do not think that it is unusual, though.

  9. Gabrielle

    I have dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes and lets just say it’s impossible to find a fake ID. I agree it’s unusual.

  10. Megan

    Yeah I never thought that brown hair and blue eyes were uncommon because me and alot of my relatives have it, some one asked me a few weeks ago if I wore contacts and I said no they were really suprised because I have super dark brown hair I thought it was quite funny actually

  11. Lili

    i have brown hair and blue eyes, and its not blacky brown its kinda meduim brown, i think three people in my whole year at school have brown hair and blue eyes…… and i have really really blue eyes.


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