Quick note

Sorry for recent radio silence. We resolved what we needed to resolve on the trial front, but that's all I'm gonna say about that for now.

I've spent most of my non-work time in the past couple days preparing to swap hard drives with Kam's old PowerBook; I've been running at near 100% full on my 60GB drive for a couple months now, and she had an 80GB drive she wasn't using. Last night we transferred files (for about the third or fourth time—long story), and this morning Kam did the transplant operation, so now my old drive is in her old computer and vice versa. Both patients appear to be doing fine.

But it does mean I need to spend some time checking applications to make sure everything works and I didn't lose any data, and I also have a bunch of magazine stuff to do this weekend, so I'm unlikely to post much for another couple days.

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