Another rough day

Spent much of the afternoon and evening thinking about and discussing some new stuff having to do with Nancy's upcoming trial. Tension and tears and general distress, and trying to figure out how to reconcile my gut feelings with my philosophies of life, and so on. Feh.

It keeps coming back to this: what I really want is for Nancy not to have done what she did. And that's not one of the available options.

. . . I spent a while here venting/yelling at the universe, but I decided it would be best to hold off on posting that until I've had some sleep and can see whether it's something I really want to say. So I'll save that part for another time.

For now, I'll just say I hope y'all had a better day than I did.

(And thank you to the friends and family who helped me through it, as always. Among other things that helped, Lola brought over some leftover birthday cake. Chocolate good.)

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