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(Yikes! No wonder the comment-spam levels have dropped precipitously—I broke the comments-display pages for my and Mary Anne's journals a couple days ago, and didn't notice 'til now. Apologies to all, especially to M. I apparently failed to test them after a change I made the other day. Some day I'll learn never to make a change, no matter how small, without testing it first. Anyway, fixed now; it was a single missing parenthesis. Btw, if any of you ever happen to notice a comments page not working, please drop me a note in email.)

Beth O came down for brunch yesterday—first time I've seen her in months, possibly first time this year, not sure. (Though we've talked on the phone and emailed now and then.) We ended up talking for a long time, catching up on each other's lives. She recently started seeing someone who turns out to be an old high school friend of Kam's. Turns out that my old Dramatis Personae page from my Wanderjahr has had salutary effects once again; I keep thinking I should take that page down, and then it ends up helping people connect to each other. It's apparently the only place on the web that some of those names appear. Among other things, that page was (iIrc) how Gabrielle first got in touch with me; I'll probably tell that story here someday, if she doesn't mind, but not right now.

(I just looked at that page for the first time in quite a while. I think almost none of the info about what the listed people are "currently" doing is still true; the passage of seven or eight years will do that. Some of the listed people have different names, many are living in different places, at least two are no longer alive. Some of the couples are no longer together. I was going to say I was pleased to see that I've had some kind of contact with almost all of those people within the past year, but that starts to be less true as the page goes on; there are at least a dozen people there whom I've had no contact at all with since around '97, some of whom used to be close friends of mine. Sad. But still, I'm more or less in touch with most of those folks, and that pleases me.)

Anyway. Eventually Beth noticed the Stanford Theatre schedule and mentioned that she had never seen Sabrina, so we decided to go to that. I did some magazine work for a couple hours while she read a book; then we went off to the movie, which I may actually have liked more on second viewing, knowing how it's going to turn out. (And I think I quite liked it the first time, some years back.) I'm mildly curious about the remake, but not curious enough to seek it out; I can't imagine that it's as good as the original.

Then dinner, then more talking at home. And we watched the DVD slideshow that Jay put together, a ten- or fifteen-minute video of photos of Peter (and a couple of brief live clips). There was a fair bit of crying over the course of the day. In a good way.

I'm still not sure how to talk with people about that video. I really want to show it to friends, but I don't want to force it on anyone. I thought about asking Jay if he'd mind if I put it up on the web, but I think it needs a certain amount of narration, just to explain who the people in the photos are. A couple of people have expressed willingness to watch it with me if I need company while watching it, but that's not really the point. I've seen it four or five times at this point; it's not that I want to watch it again, it's that I want friends to see it and maybe get a little more of a sense of who my father was. A couple of people have indirectly indicated that they're not really interested; on the other hand, a couple of other people have said that they were interested but weren't sure how to ask me about it. So I guess I'll leave it at this for now: if you want to see it, tell me so.

I may still look into finding a way to put it online at some point (if various family members don't mind), but I'm unlikely to get to that anytime soon; Yet Another Project.

Today was pretty solitary. Actually, I'm not sure where the day went; spent some of it catching up on LJ friends list (which reminded me that there's still lots I want to say and link to about Katrina), some of it doing magazine stuff (but still lots of that left to do tonight), some napping. Had a nice long phone chat with Cat F (and a brief one with Kip). Oh, and I guess I frittered away a fair bit of time on that intro to HTML and on Love's Labour's Lost; that would explain where all that time went.

So I guess I'd better go read subs. More soon, most likely. (I say that so often, I ought to abbreviate it. But MSML sounds like some new HTML variant—Microsoft Markup Language or something.)

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  1. Gwenda

    Oh, Sabrina. I watched it just the other night. Christopher’s never seen it either and so that will have to be remedied soon.

    The remake’s not as foul as all that, but pretty much an aberration just for existing. They also take out all the darker elements (the scene in the garage, most notably). You could pass an hour or two if you were bored and it came on television, but it’s definitely not worth seeking out.

  2. irilyth

    This sounds like it would be Hard To Do, but could you record a soundtrack with narration over the slideshow?


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