A few notes about Movable Type and such:

There are still a bunch of tweaks I want to make, to improve formatting and UI and such. Will do all that eventually.

MT provides a notification system; if your email address is on the list, then you'll receive email every time I post an entry. To add your address to the list, scroll down on my main blog page, and look at the bottom right, where there should be a text box with an "Add" button next to it. Enter your email address, click Add, then wait for the confirmation email to arrive at your address; when it arrives, double-click the URL it includes, and you should be all set. I don't think there's a way to remove yourself from the notification list; if you want to be removed, just drop me a note in email.

The amount of comment spam I'm getting is much higher than it was in the old system: anywhere from 2 to 20 pieces of comment spam an hour, generally averaging about 6 to 8. The great thing, though, is that MT's spam-catching software works very well so far, and it doesn't send email notifications of spam, so I don't even know the spam is there most of the time. So far, there haven't been any false positives. A few false negatives have slipped through, but no more (I think) than I used to get in the old system, and the new system makes it much easier to add words to list of words that mark a comment as spam. It's a pretty cool and sophisticated system. Not perfect, of course, and I imagine sooner or later I'll get hit by a big wave of spam that the filter doesn't catch, but for now I'm liking it.

Likewise with Trackback spam, which uses the same spamcatching system. So far, I haven't had any legitimate Trackbacks; if that continues to be true much longer, I may just disable them to save myself the bother of deleting the spam ones every so often. (I could just let the system auto-delete them after a few days, but I'm always nervous about letting any system auto-delete anything.)

I purchased Ecto (very reasonably priced and high-quality software), and am using it for about half of my entries. Unfortunately, it looks like it may not play well with MT's notification system, but there are ways around that.

It's so easy to create new blogs that I'm considering starting another one and shuffling some things off into it. For example, I could have a separate items blog, to avoid flooding this one with items. Or maybe I'll try something like PNH/TNH's one-liner item system after all. At some point.

I feel like I've been recommending MT3.2 to a bunch of people lately, so I should note that I'm not saying it's the best possible blogging tool ever. In particular, if you want to be able to post entries that only certain people can see, LiveJournal is probably the way to go; and for simplicity and pleasing design and having someone take care of all the hosting details for you, I'm still recommending JournalScape. But overall, I'm pretty happy with MT.

Oh, and so far I've had mixed results with their tech support. Mostly it's been very quick and responsive and knowledgeable. They haven't figured out the server errors for comments here yet, but I have an idea about that: I'm gonna disable the OpenID system and see if that makes a difference.

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