World Fantasy?

I'm still waffling about whether to go to World Fantasy Con.

A week ago, I was absolutely certain I wasn't going. Nothing about it appealed to me (except, of course, seeing friends). The idea of spending all that time and money and filling up an entire weekend and being surrounded by people was making me a little panicky.

But then a couple days later I started thinking how nice it would be to see people. And that maybe it wasn't too late to try to in some way mark the magazine's fifth anniversary--though I still don't think I'm up to planning a tea party.

I got a travel coupon from some airline or other the other day; the plane flight wouldn't be too expensive. The Concourse hotel is full, but there are other hotels, and they're not all that expensive. And con memberships (assuming they'd be available at the door) aren't expensive compared to the other costs, and anyway I like supporting conventions.

But it would sure be a lot easier/simpler not to go.

And sometime soon I really ought to go up to Tacoma and pack up Peter's books (currently languishing in a generous cousin's garage) and ship them down here, and WFC weekend would probably be a good time for that. Actually, sooner would probably be better, given weather conditions in the Northwest, but I don't know if I can quite cope with going up sooner than that.

Outlook hazy. Try again later.

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  1. chance

    Hope you decide to come to WFC.


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