In other news, it was a busy weekend.

I went to Kam's Halloween party on Friday night, and Sonya's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Each party had various cool people in attendance, but I think I wasn't really up to socializing, at least not on that scale; I was kind of tense and withdrawn and quiet at both parties. Apologies to anyone who tried to interact with me.

I did think the layout of Sonya's party was brilliant, though: four fondue pots (containing a total of at least three different fondues) on four tables scattered throughout the room. So anyone who wanted to sample the different fondues had to keep circulating through the room, which provided lots of opportunities for people who hadn't known each other to interact. I mostly sat or stood on the sidelines, but it was clear that most of the people there were having a good time and interacting with new people.

Saturday evening I skipped Andrea's party in favor of staying home and getting some magazine work done and seeing Lola. Sunday midafternoon when my eyelids started drifting closed as I read submissions, I lay down to take a nap and fell heavily asleep; woke up an hour or so later just in time to hear my cell phone ringing; searched frantically through the bedclothes trying to find my phone; eventually woke up enough to realize that I hadn't taken off my pants, and the phone was in my pocket.

Turned out it was Beth O calling. She was on her way back from Naomi's birthday campout, which I had been sadly unable to attend, and she brought me leftover cake. Yummy. And regaled me with tales of woods and music and comfortable camping (with air mattresses, even) and lots of delicious food (including paella), apparently mostly or entirely provided by Meriko, who I still have yet to meet in person (but will one of these days).

Anyway. Good weekend, and good to see everyone. But I think it provided further evidence that I need to keep my large-group socializing to a minimum at least for a while longer.

And now: sleep.

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