Ballot measure drinking game

I started this as a postscript to the previous entry, but I got a little carried away and decided to give it an entry of its own.

Here are some notes toward a ballot-measure drinking game. (Several of these only apply in California, though.)

You have to drink every time:

  • you find your mind drifting while reading an incredibly dry description of a proposition
  • you can't understand what the hell the measure is talking about or why anyone cares
  • an argument or rebuttal uses the phrase "DON'T BE FOOLED!"
  • there's an argument or rebuttal written by Gary B. Wesley, Attorney At Law (a fixture of the California ballot scene; he invariably opposes all measures which are not absolutely perfect in phrasing and implementation, especially if they might cost taxpayers money) (drink twice if he's the only person to sign an anti-proposition argument or rebuttal)
  • an argument or rebuttal uses a phrase like ". . . but Prop. [number] isn't the answer."
  • the legislative analyst says that the fiscal impact would depend on future events
  • the legislative analyst says that the state would save money on a measure that cuts jobs or makes it easier to fire people
  • an argument or rebuttal in favor of a bond measure explains that it's not a tax
  • a ballot measure is utterly ridiculous, trivial, or silly (usually for local measures, but occasionally applicable at the state level)
  • a ballot measure tries to get funding for schools by raising property taxes
  • an argument or rebuttal slams the Governor
  • the Governor signs an argument
  • an argument or rebuttal blames a class of people widely understood to be villainous, such as "politicians," "trial lawyers," "special interests," "environmentalists," etc.
  • a single argument or rebuttal uses ALL CAPS for some text and italics for other text (drink twice if they use both for the same text)
  • an argument or rebuttal includes a supporting quote from a major newspaper
  • a proposition, argument, or rebuttal makes you want to scream and throw the pamphlet across the room
  • you can't stand reading any more of the pamphlet while sober

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  1. Vardibidian

    Two drinks if the proposition involves a hand puppet?



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