In memoriam

Today would have been my father's 66th birthday. It's also the 25th anniversary of my mother's death.

I'm staying home from work--it's been a rough week at work--though I may try to get some work done here at home, 'cause I've got some big deadlines coming up. Meant to write this entry (and black out my journal) much earlier, but got a late start on the day, due to loud smashing of metal for fifteen minutes at 6:30 this morning, and subsequent difficulty getting back to sleep.

I thought about what would be some appropriate activities for remembering my parents. Here are some suggestions, in no particular order, for things you can do if you want to help commemorate either or both of them today. It's biased toward activities of Peter's, simply because I knew him better, but there are certainly things Marcy enjoyed here as well. (And both of them certainly engaged in less-positive activities, but today's not the day to dwell on those.)

  • Edit something.
  • Teach someone something.
  • Make up and/or tell a silly joke, especially a pun.
  • Read something thought-provoking.
  • Look up a word in the dictionary.
  • Do a crossword puzzle, or at least most of one. In pen, not pencil.
  • Buy a book, or check one out from the library.
  • Have sex with someone you care about.
  • Read and enjoy and explore a math puzzle or problem or proof.
  • Write or use a program for a graphing calculator.
  • Believe in something.
  • Visit an elephant.
  • Read a mystery or science fiction or fantasy novel.
  • Listen to something by one of the jazz greats, or Pat Metheny or Toshiko Akiyoshi, or the Beatles.
  • Wash some dishes.
  • Be idealistic, enthusiastic, and/or passionate about something.
  • Learn something.
  • Play frisbee.
  • Support a labor union.
  • Build or repair something.
  • Face adversity with courage and strength.
  • Make someone a meal.
  • Make someone smile or laugh.
  • Sing someone a song, whether or not others think you can carry a tune.
  • Encourage someone to do their best.
  • Work toward positive change in the world.
  • Tell your kids or other family members that you love them.

6 Responses to “In memoriam”

  1. Tim Pratt

    My sympathies, Jed. I hope the day goes quickly for you.

    That is a wonderful list of things to do, and I’ll engage in at least half a dozen of them.

  2. Greg van Eekhout

    Thanks for postiing that list, Jed. I’ve done a few of those things today and remembered people lost and people still with me. Love.

  3. Mya

    Thanks for your list. It turns out I’d already done several of those things today, but I was grateful for the reminder to tell my father that I love him, and he was glad to be told.

    I’m thinking of you and your parents. ::love::

  4. Jenn Reese

    Wonderful. Thank you.

  5. Debby

    Thank you for this list. A friend just lost her mother, and I passed this idea on to her. And now, whenever I visit an elephant, which is, in fact, fairly regularly, I’ll think of your parents.


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