Home Safe

Came home last night; Kam picked me up at the airport.

Got all the books and other stuff packed and mailed before I left Tacoma. There were some entertaining misadventures along the way, which I may write about later, but it all got done. So about 20 boxes full of books should be arriving at my place in a few days. Half a ton of books; about 35 cubic feet. I don't know how many books that is, but it's probably at least half as many as I already own.

Anyway, no time to write more right now. Except to say: did you know that the US Postal Service won't mail any package that weighs more than 70 pounds? I had no idea, and the parts of the website that I looked at don't make it clear unless you enter a weight over 70 pounds in the postage calculator. Also, it turns out that a 16" cube box full of books weighs well over 70 pounds (possibly around 90), not the 65 I was estimating. Fortunately, I only had two boxes over 70 pounds, so I repacked those into three smaller boxes.

'kay, gotta run.

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