Day 1

Submission volume today was high but not quite as high as I expected: "only" 23 submissions today (during normal periods, we get about 9/day). Which makes this only the third-highest-volume day ever.

I expect the rest of the week to continue to be high-volume. In fact, for various reasons I suspect Monday and Tuesday may be even higher-volume than today. We'll see.

2 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. Jetse

    Jed, maybe we can compare notes (I highly enjoyed your 2005 submission statistics, BTW).

    For Interzone, whose January email submission reading period started yesterday, I received also ‘only’ 23 submissions on January 1. By way of comparison, the first day of the May 2005 email period I received 25 submissions (total of May was 333), the first day of August 2005 I received 35 submissions (which fell to 30, 18, 17, and 17 back to 10 in the following days. Total of August was 373).

    Actually, with still about 3 hours plus to go, I’ve received 23 submissions so far on January 2. Normally, it drops off to about 10-12 submissions a day after the first week.

    We’ll see (and maybe I’m stealing some of ‘your’ traffic, and vice-versa).


  2. Jetse

    Forgot to mention that the final count for January 1 for Interzone was 25.


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