Locus Recommended Reading List

Locus Magazine's Recommended Reading list for 2005 is now online.

Congratulations to everyone whose work appears on the list!

I am pleased to note, even though I totally understand that I have no particular right to be proud of this, that ten of the fifteen authors listed in the First Novels section have had stories published at Strange Horizons. And at least half of those folks occasionally read this journal; so if you see this, congratulations, y'all!

(We've also published stories by three of the authors with books on the Fantasy Novel list: two originals, one reprint. But that seems different, somehow, even though when I try to articulate why I get bogged down.)

There are a lot of cool-sounding single-author collections on the list, including both living authors and retrospectives by famous dead authors. (The latter include Leigh Brackett, L. Sprague de Camp, George Alec Effinger, Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore, H. P. Lovecraft, Judith Merril, Robert Sheckley, and Theodore Sturgeon, all of whose work I like.))

There's a bunch of other good stuff on these lists, too. But what I'm most pleased by is the presence of one novelette and six short stories published at Strange Horizons:

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