So little time, so much to do

Past week has continued hectic, and coming week or two is likely to be more of the same.

Continuing to be at work (or working at home) 12+ hours a day. Was hoping to have both my projects done by this past Friday, but it didn't happen.

As noted in comments, I got my driver's license renewed on Tuesday; best DMV experience ever. Smiling friendly people, a total of maybe 30 seconds in line, no waiting, a total of maybe 15-20 minutes for the whole process. And this was without an appointment. Apparently the new improved DMV really is new and improved.

The rest of the week was a blur. Mostly work, I think. Nice birthday dinner and hot tub with Kam, marred only by temporary severe nausea. Weather's been largely rainy and/or gray on the rare occasions when I've been outside. Got a good start on the magazine editing I need to do, but haven't finished it.

Saturday Lola stopped by and helped me install my new SoundLinQ SLI iPod adaptor, which means that I can now play my iPod through my car stereo. I used to be able to do that with my old car, and I've missed it. And this version is much niftier, because it has a text display saying the name of the song; also because I can use the car's stereo controls to go from song to song and playlist to playlist (rather than having to fumble with the iPod remote).

This morning I tried to do my weekly hard drive backup, a little belatedly, and got the same error message as last week. Tried to repair the external backup drive, and it died hard, resulting in a kernel panic on my PowerBook. (Thankfully, no data loss on the PB.) Eventually erased the external disk, tried again--and got the same error. I think the disk is just dead.

I'm very glad this was my backup disk rather than my main disk. But it means the past few months' worth of backups are gone, which makes me very nervous. So I drove up to the Apple Store and picked up a 250GB external hard drive to replace the old one. I considered bigger drives--you can now buy hard drives at the Apple Store up to two terabytes in capacity--but the reviews of those bigger drives on the Apple page said they were very noisy, and I don't actually need a terabyte of backup disk just yet.

I'm very pleased that prices continue to go down for storage, though. I seem to recall a time not all that long ago (well, okay, around ten years ago) when drive space cost around $100 per gigabyte; now it's around $1/GB. See also this handy table showing the history of disk capacity prices.

Hrm. Anyway, I guess the real point of all this is that I should be working (and backing up my hard drive) rather than blogging, so off I go.

Oh, except I wanted to post a couple quick links. As usual, I have dozens of links to post at some unlikely to happen future time, but for the time being, just a link to Debby B's new blog and one to John P's new cooking journal. Debby and John being the parents of Rose, whom I've mentioned here before, and David, who I think I haven't. Welcome to the blogosphere, y'all!

I'll leave you with the chorus of a Si Kahn song that came up on iTunes earlier this evening. It's one of my favorites of his, "When the Shore Is Out of Sight"; I assume it was written for the wedding of some friends, but I don't know:

From this love, the space to grow in;

From these friends, the will to fight;

From this peace, the strength to journey

When the shore is out of sight.

It never quite says what I want it to; the "will to fight" isn't really what I get from friends. But I love the last two lines there.

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