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I think this is the first time in ages I've let a week go by with no entries. (The part of my brain that doesn't realize I'm very short on time wants to go write a filk, "The Week with no Blogs," to the tune of "The Pub with no Beer.") (Which I had no idea was the same tune as "Beautiful Dreamer"--is it really? No time to pursue this either.)

Nothing wrong, just ultra-busy with work and magazine stuff.

Sadly, no time for a substantive entry now either. Must finish up some editing and then it's off to work.

But sometime soon I hope to post about Sarah & Simon's party/event yesterday. It was a little socially overwhelming for me, but lots of fun, with a lot of old friends who I haven't seen in much too long. But more about that later.

3 Responses to “Placeholder entry”

  1. jere7my

    There’s a nice parody of Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams called I Blog Alone. It’s been popular on Dr. Demento for a few weeks, and you can download it here.

  2. Aliette de Bodard

    I’ve seen the week go by without entries, and thought that might well be the case.

    I hope this week is less busy for you.

  3. jacob

    I see where you’ve continued to get stupid insults on the “Hair” entry with photos of you, and that you’ve intelligently closed it for comments. I thought I’d just drop a quick note to mention how handsome and intelligent you are.


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