Journaling paralysis (and general update)

And after all that fuss about how I was going to flood y'all with entries, I ended up not posting at all for three-plus days.

The problem is that all the things I want to write about either (a) require really long entries (like my intended discussion of Battlestar Galactica), and/or (b) are too potentially contentious for me to be comfortable posting them yet (like various political things).

So I'll start with another life update.

First, going back a couple of weeks, I keep forgetting to mention the weekend of the 15th-16th. I worked that Saturday, but Sunday I went over to the East Bay.

Specifically, that afternoon I attended a writing workshop meeting. This is the workshop I used to be a member of, but dropped out of because it wasn't getting me to write; I felt that I needed to spend more time writing and less time critiquing and being critiqued. My original plan when I left was to spend every workshop day writing, but that fell by the wayside quite a while ago. Anyway, this particular meeting was a writing day, so even though it came just before my big work deadlines, I decided to go. I made some significant progress on the Folkdance story (yes, the one I've been working on intermittently for something like five or six years now, and the one I workshopped at Hidden City a year ago and then set aside for months); I'm hoping that another couple of serious writing days will get it in shape to be sent out. That workshop meeting also involved people reading their earliest surviving childhood stories aloud; sadly, despite some digging through old boxes, I was unable to find my unfinished fourth-grade masterpiece, "Something Strange Is Going On."

After the workshop, I had dinner with Debbie N. We've certainly talked before, but always with other people around. It was a lovely evening--good Ethiopian food at one of the many fine Ethiopian restaurants in the area (Asmara, maybe? I forget), and great conversation, mostly about editing and relationships. Really nice. Yay, Debbie!

(Which reminds me to link to Body Impolitic (note: contains nude images), the body-image-and-related-issues blog that Debbie shares with Laurie Toby Edison, who's the photographer for their books Women En Large and Familiar Men.)

(I'd have delayed this dinner 'til after my deadline, but Debbie and A. were imminently heading out of town for an extended period.)

Okay, so you know about the week that ensued after that--finishing up projects and preparing to take time off work.

In the past few days, since last I posted, I've read about 70 SH submissions, which means I'm pretty much caught up on that front for the moment. I've also seen some more Battlestar Galactica with Kam, watched the commentary on some Aeon Flux episodes, and watched The Great Escape and City of God, which I may post mini-reviews of. And finished reading A Door into Ocean.

Also spent some time discussing the future of my back yard with Twig. The current plan is to cut down the purple-leafed tree behind my house (I find that I'm very reluctant to intentionally cut down a healthy tree--cutting down trees is bad!--but I think there are good reasons to do it in this case), and then deal with my deck, and then deal with the yard. We talked about trellises and paths and increasing fence height, and possible hot tub. Is "energy-efficient hot tub" an oxymoron? I'm not sure. (I'm not concerned so much about the financial cost here, as about the amount of energy wasted on keeping a big container of water hot all the time.)

I'm sure there was more, but I think that'll do as an update for now.

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  1. Debby

    Are you going to give your opinion on Door Into Ocean? Eric always called it the planet of the purple people book and had it as part of his feminist eutopia collection. I have mixed feelings about it.


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