Items: Art

Some assorted links, under the very broad heading of "art":

  • Google recently bought the company that makes SketchUp, an application that lets you do quick easy 3D modeling. There's now a free version of the app available for personal use. Sadly, the free version is Windows-only right now, but the free Mac version will be available soon (according to the website).
  • Interesting Campari commercial (requires Flash). (This is one of those items where telling you what's interesting about it would spoil the effect. But it's only a minute long, and many of you will like it.)
  • In Lawrence, Kansas, Mayor Dennis "Boog" Highberger recently proclaimed that a set of days spread throughought 2006 are to comprise International Dadaism Month. My favorite line: "WHEREAS: Dada is a virgin microbe which penetrates with the insistence of air into all those spaces that reason has failed to fill with words and conventions[....]"
  • Ad for Colourful Pepys Marsh-mallow, which you will probably be mystified by if you aren't familiar with the pronunciation of "Pepys."
  • Cthulhu leather costume with leather wings.
  • NYC Manholes Turned Into Coffee For Ads. (I assume the covers are just painted, trompe l'oeil style, but it's hard to tell exactly what's going on from the photos.)
  • Giant wall o' computer monitors.
  • Disturbing backwards-facing-hair photo.
  • Remarkable photo of owl wing-prints in snow. As the comments point out, the original description of this photo doesn't make much sense (that's no rabbit!), but it's still a startling and cool photo.

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  1. Ted

    The video demo of SketchUp is very cool. There’s an interesting comment about the product’s integration into Google Earth here.


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