Mother’s Day and birthdays and such

Belated happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers reading this! I'm always impressed by y'all.

And, more generally, yay for mothers!

I wasn't sure whether this was going to be a mopey Mother's Day for me or not. As it happened, there wasn't much time for moping; the day went by in a rush, between talking with Mary Anne, reading submissions, and having dinner with some old friends (including the two people I've known longest other than my family: I met Bruce and Sarah in 7th grade, and am pleased that we've managed to stay in touch, at least intermittently).

And now it's Monday the 15th. Which on the one hand is cause for celebration, being the birthday of both Sally C. and L. Frank Baum. Yay!

And on the other hand is cause for a certain amount of sadness, as it would've been Alex W's 38th birthday.

I see it's been two years since I last worked on those pages. Maybe I'll see if I can find some time today to continue with that project.

The other main thing I'll be doing today (after sleeping) is writing fiction; specifically, hoping to continue making progress on what I've been calling "the Folkdance story," which features (among others) a character partly (and loosely) derived from various aspects of Alex's life.

But first, sleep.

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