Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly

Back around the end of March, I bought Willie Nelson's recording of the catchy gay cowboy song "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other)" from the iTunes Music Store, but somehow didn't listen to it 'til just now, when it came up on the iTunes rotation while I was doing magazine administrative stuff.

It's a great song--fun, charming, a little silly, queer-positive. Written by Texan singer-songwriter Ned Sublette, who apparently always wanted Nelson to sing it, in 1981; I'm guessing that date probably explains the mild confusion between gender and orientation that the song displays.

According to the Wikipedia article about the song, one of the factors that led to Nelson finally recording and releasing the song was "the coming out of [Nelson's] friend and tour manager of thirty years, David Anderson" in 2004.

There's also a sweet and charming video (with a kind of disturbingly ambiguous ending), though the copy on that site is low-quality and I'm guessing illicit. The video doesn't appear to be at the iTunes Music Store, sadly.

Anyway, if you missed hearing the song during all the hoopla about it back in February, go give it a quick listen.

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