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It occurred to me the other day that a fair number of people I know blog occasionally or regularly about their kids and about parenting, and that many of y'all may not know about each other, and might be interested. So here's a partial list. I'm probably leaving people out; feel free to add more links in comments. (Some parents I'm leaving out because they don't blog about parenting or kids much.) Don't worry, someone's absence from this list does not mean I don't like them or their writing or their kids; it's almost certainly just an oversight on my part.

More of y'all would probably follow these links if I were to provide brief capsule descriptions of these folks and their kids and why you should read what they write. But if I were to do that, I'd be here all day, and really all it would boil down to in the end is: they're all worth reading, they all have interesting and/or entertaining things to say about kids and parenting, they're all cool folks.

(Also, this wouldn't be a Jed entry without a further elaborate and probably unnecessary disclaimer, so I should also mention that, like me, a lot of my friends who journal/blog don't have kids. Those folks are also cool folks, and well worth reading. They're just not the topic of this particular entry.)

Swarthmore folks, in no particular order:

Non-Swarthmore folks (mostly writer types, mostly with some connection to SH), in no particular order:

5 Responses to “Parental blogging”

  1. Anonymous

    Yay! Hi! (psst… I have a Theo tag, though I’m not sure that all my early Theo entries have been tagged. Must rectify that.)

  2. SarahP

    Aw, entries about kids are so funny and cute. Haddayr’s are my favorite. And yes, you and Theo do share a birthday.

  3. Nao

    Ack, that “Anonymous” was me. I could swear I’d signed in.

  4. Debby B.

    Thanks Jed! I’m going to be teaching a series of journaling workshops for pregnancy and parenting. I want to give examples just like this.


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