Spring in my step

I was expecting to be unhappy about having to go back to work. My time off just zipped by, and if I didn't have time to get everything done during my time off, then how could I possibly squeeze in eight hours of work a day on top of everything else?

But somehow the last couple of days I've been unaccountably happy.

Certainly it's helped to have enthusiastic welcomes-back from co-workers, and to see that there's plenty more work to be done with the engineering team I've been particularly enjoying working with, and that I'm still interested in working on that stuff. And to have been immediately able to step into various things and be useful and provide helpful ideas.

And certainly it's helped to have a bunch of fond and friendly notes from WisConites and other friends.

But I suspect that the main thing is just that the sun is out. I've been practically bouncing across campus on the way too and from lunch. Everything seems sparklier and more fun and interesting. I feel reasonably well-rested and competent and just generally happy.

It's kind of the opposite of depression, I think; not manicness, but a chemical imbalance in the direction of being unwarrantedly happy and optimistic. I sure ain't complaining; I just wish I could bottle it and give it out to other people.

Also, it's how I like to think of myself as being, normally, and I haven't had this feeling much in the past year. So I'm glad it's back.

Of course, there's no guarantee it'll last, and no guarantee I won't be grumpy and irritable later today, especially if I don't have food soon. But still. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

4 Responses to “Spring in my step”

  1. Greg van Eekhout

    Well, maybe you can’t bottle that chemical imbalance, but this entry sure put a smile on my face. Enjoy the sun, and enjoy your springiness. And get some food!

  2. Anonymous

    This is good to hear!

  3. Jackie M.

    Hypomania. It’s why bipolar Type II people shy away from treatment, and it’s probably why you weren’t sleeping before. But it’s probably at least partly solar-powered, and hopefully the good parts of it will stick around for you after the scary bits fade down.

    Hey, you don’t happen to have Ron S.-from-Brisbane’s e-mail, do you?


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