Hugo voting deadline impends

The deadline for submitting a Hugo and Campbell Award ballot is Monday, 31 July.

As always, I encourage those of you who are eligible to vote to do so. As always, I remind you that the Hugos are decided on by a remarkably small number of people, and that the results will be more representative if more people vote.

A couple of thoughts about the ballot:

I've got nine assorted pieces of short fiction left to read before I vote. As usual, I won't have read enough of the novels to vote in that category.

In most of the other categories that I'm going to vote in, I'm reasonably settled about who to vote for. But not in short-form dramatic presentation.I completely forgot to try to get ahold of the Dr. Who episodes that are in that category. I'm tempted to violate my usual rule about not voting in categories where I'm not familiar with enough of the nominees, though, because the Prix Victor Hugo Awards Ceremony was really good. For those who missed it, or want a refresher, you can now download and view a video recording of the ceremony in WMV format (which I had no trouble viewing in Windows Media Player on my Mac); if you're short on time, you can skip Kevin S's opening announcements and go straight to the awards-ceremony piece, which starts at 2:19 and runs to 9:26, plus a brief post-Hugo epilogue going to 11:20. If you're really short on time, you can just read the transcript, which has the advantage for us monolingual English speakers of having the French parts written down for greater ease of puzzling out.

In that same short-form category, "Pegasus" (Galactica episode) was also quite good, but I'll have to think about whether I'm willing to put that on my ballot when I haven't seen the majority of the nominees in that category. And sadly, Jack-Jack Attack is one of the few Pixar shorts that isn't available from the iTunes Music Store. (Link is to a brief clip of it on the Pixar site.)

3 Responses to “Hugo voting deadline impends”

  1. Steve Nagy

    I’ve got to say that the Doctor Who eps The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances were probably the best of the season for the show. Good mystery, good characterization, good humor, good drama.

  2. Avani

    If you’d like, I could lend you the first season of the current Dr. Who. (and, I second the recommendation for “The Empty Child”)

  3. Zed

    I just found that this is the first Google result for “hugo deadline.”

    Jack-Jack Attack


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