Journal comments

Last night, a friend noted that I rarely post replies to comments on my entries. That surprised me, because my natural inclination is to post detailed point-by-point replies to anything that anyone writes (whether comments on my entries, or entries and comments in other blogs, or mailing list postings, or newsgroup postings, or APA contributions, or whatever). But I know that succumbing to that impulse leads me to spend every available moment writing responses, and that sheer volume of material that could be responded to makes it impractical. So lately I've been curbing that impulse, convincing myself to let what others say stand on its own.

Still, my lack of responses to comments people post here isn't intentional as such. I always appreciate comments (as long as they're not mean), and I don't think of myself as someone who never responds to them. But perhaps I can try to more often transform my responses from private thoughts to public comments.

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