More mini con report


  • Prep for Ellen K interview.
  • Discover Diane Duane reading cancelled. Sadness! (But at least going to that room helped me find the mysterious 2-and-a-halfth floor.)
  • A bit of panel-surfing. (I just invented that term yesterday, but it turns out Paul Pope (and probably lots of others) beat me to it.)
  • Lunch at Starbucks again, testing out recording equipment and finishing up my interview notes.
  • Interview.
  • Completely fail to attend Fictionados tea party, despite having written it in my calendar the day before. Sorry, all! Total brain failure. Sad to miss it.
  • Various trips through dealers' room, resulting mostly in picking up the Rich Horton Year's Bests and the Strahan Year's Bests. (Still have not managed to meet Strahan.) Pleased to see more SH stories in said volumes. (Knew they would be there, but pleased to see them nonetheless.)
  • Elizabeth Bear reading. (Note to self: discuss Mephistopheles and Dr. Faustus further with Bear.)
  • Ran into more friends hadn't known would be present. Yay, friends!
  • Dinner with a bunch of folks.
  • Hugos.
  • Brief stop at Interstitial party in bar, but too loud for me; wandered up to SFWA suite, spent rest of night there. Partly chatting in hallway, then inside the suite when it got quiet; helped clean up when it closed down; went to sleep much too late.
  • Still no filking.


  • Finish packing; check out of room.
  • Assorted panels etc.
  • Groggy stumbling around.
  • Farewells.
  • Dinner and ride-to-airport with JT and MT.
  • Ride from airport at far end courtesy of Lola.

Another note to self: usual strategy of dealing with poor memory for names/faces, which is to immediately (and truthfully) say "I can't remember if we've met in person" and introduce self, is not so effective on seeing someone who you just had dinner with a couple hours earlier. Also, secondary strategy of saying (truthfully) "I know your name, but I'm not sure why" is not so appropriate when being introduced to people who later turn out to be well-known and widely published authors.

(Really, when I'm being introduced to people in the SFWA suite, I should probably just assume that they're well known and widely published as a matter of course.)

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6 Responses to “More mini con report”

  1. David Moles

    Shouldn’t the Interstitial party have been, like, in a hallway or something?

  2. Dawn Paris

    I wish I’d been more nosy at the Elizabeth Bear reading and read everyone’s name on their badges. You were so kind when SH bought my story two years ago. I’d have liked to thank you in person for being so patient with idiot me.

  3. Jed

    David: Or maybe a doorway? …But the bar seemed appropriate; after all, it served mixed drinks. 🙂

    Dawn: Oh! I wish I’d realized that was you; would have been nice to get a chance to chat with you in person. And for what it’s worth, I don’t remember having to be unusually patient with you; I recall the editing process for that story going smoothly.

  4. Lisa Mantchev

    Darn it all, I completely missed you Jed. For surely I would have tackled you. 😉

  5. Jed

    Lisa: Alas! I’m sorry to have missed you.

    Lola: Filk music is, basically, science fiction and fantasy music. Some filk is parodies of well-known songs, or new words (usually but not always sf-related) to existing tunes; some filk is original music. “Filking” in this context refers to singing and playing filk music, as many people do at conventions; the verb “filk” can also refer to creating filksongs.

    For more, see the filk entry at Wikipedia, or the What is filk? section of Filking 101 at, or the What is filk? section of the Filk FAQ at


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