An assortment of mostly cute photos, mostly of animals:

JustALittleGuy, which is sort of like Cute Overload except that the commentary is snarky (and occasionally mean) and the average unusualness of the animals is higher, and the posting frequency and average age of the animals is lower. But OMG! Baby meerkats! Baby pangolin! Baby genet! And, possibly the cutest thing evar (at least this week): baby sloth!!!!!

[Added later: I know the above paragraph's links are now out of order. I blame Blogger weirdness. See comments below for more info.]

Also features a bunch of wombats (what's the collective noun for wombats?), a couple of elephants, a barrel and a half of monkeys, tigers, tapirs, alpacas, a kinkajou, armadillos, duikers, a pygmy loris, tarsier, bush baby, fierce red panda, badger, raccoon, bats, and so on.

Okay, I lied: the arctic fox kit may actually be cuter than the baby sloth.

Meanwhile . . . okay, this one takes some background:

There's this meme. Apparently (though this may be apocryphal) at some point a Starcraft player asked another player "dude, where are you?", and the second player replied "i'm in ur base, killing ur d00ds." Which has led to many many many many image captions of the form "I'm in ur [noun], [verb]ing ur [noun]," usually in leetspeak. Such as this telegram from Odysseus (from a Something Awful Photoshop Phriday), and these assorted photos. I especially like the shark one, and "GOING TO THE MOON, BRB," and "INVISIBLE BIKE." And the one with the cat, the spoon, and the mouse. Note that quite a few of those photos feature the word "harbl" or "harbls," which appears to refer to male reproductive organs of one sort or another, and there are several that aren't really worksafe even if you don't know what a "harbl" is (and a couple of others that are offensive in various other ways).

Anyway, those last couple paragraphs were really just background for these cat photos, many of them with "i'm in ur" captions. I especially like "IM IN UR SRVR" and various others on that page. Oh, and some of the captions here, too, are not so worksafe.

Clearly it's time for me to add a "Cute" category to my list of blog-entry categories.

3 Responses to “Kawaii!”

  1. Comfort me with Apples

    And then there’s what my brother just IMed me this morning: “were in ur house, beetin ur repz!”

    It’s really a multi-purpose phrase. (not so much “I habe a karot,” alas.)

  2. Tamara

    Oh. My. God. This is beyond cute. Many many minutes of loud shrieking and gurgling in delight. Can’t stop chortling even now…

  3. Jed

    Celia: Hee hee — very nice. Thanks for posting! (And thanks to your brother!)

    Tamara: Glad you liked ’em!

    General note: There’s something weird going on with links to Blogger’s photo section. All of my JustALittleGuy links were originally links directly to photos, and I think they all worked when I posted ’em, but when I came back and tried the links again today, all the ones to Blogger-hosted photos were broken. The weird thing is that after following a link, if I copied the URL and pasted it into a browser window, it worked perfectly. So it looks like maybe Blogger is doing some kind of weird thing where it refuses to allow referrers other than Blogger to link to its photos? I don’t know. Anyway, I replaced those photo links with links to the relevant entries, but doing so messed up my careful slow reveal of the baby sloth photo. Oh, well.

    Point really being, if you tried the links earlier and found them broken, try them again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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