Poly Pogo

Just came across this tidbit in old email. In the Pogo comic strip dated 13 December 1951, Churchy and Albert are talking to Beau Moonlight Sonata, the famous singing frog:

Churchy: With you singin' on our side, Albert an' me will sure win Miz Hepzibah's hand...

Beau: How can you BOTH win her hand?

Churchy: Well, there's one apiece. She got the usual number.

3 Responses to “Poly Pogo”

  1. ecrivez

    I am in the midst of ten and a half things but a certain page on the web arrested my attention, which leads me here. Did you write about “Where are all the dreamers..” I am intrigued.

  2. Jed

    Ben: Thanks–I don’t think I’d encountered that song before.

    Ecrivez: I’m guessing you’re referring to my two-column essay “Where Are All the Dreamers that I Used to Know?“–true? If so, then yes, I wrote that. Glad you liked it.


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