General notes, plus more Crusie

Sometimes I am a little grumpy and a little glum, due mostly to having been sick on and off for the past week, and also to being tired, and generally groggy, and having too much on my to-do list. And then sometimes I pick up the reissue of Jennifer Crusie's 1996 book Anyone But You, which I bought the other day despite the fact that more books are approximately the last thing I need at the moment (with the possible exception of more coughing and runny noses, or more muzzy brains, or more to-do items), and I start reading, and within a couple of pages I'm laughing out loud, or at least grinning.

As usual with the older Crusie books (unlike most of the newer Crusie books), there's not much substance to it. Forty-year-old Nina, recently divorced and new owner of a morose basset/beagle mix named Fred, meets her neighbor Alex, a thirty-year-old ER doctor whose family (all prestigious doctors) want him to settle down into a more prestigious doctorhood. You can predict pretty much the whole plot (so far, anyway--I'm only a third of the way through it) from that description.

But as is often true with all the Crusie books, it's so damn charming that I don't care at all. Who needs a plot when you've got this much charm? Also, this book doesn't require more brainpower than I can currently muster, which at the moment is a rare and valuable attribute in a book.

But now that I've read a couple pages of it and cheered up, I really ought to get back to Getting Things Done. Or else give up and sleep.

(My sleep pattern has been even crazier than usual lately. Several nights of 5 hours or less, punctuated by one night when I got 10 hours of (only mildly interrupted) sleep. That was a good night. Perhaps I'll try to replicate it.)

I suppose I could take this opportunity to mention that Stephanie was in town this past weekend, and that I went to Beth & Catie's housewarming (very efficient of them to have one so soon; I've been here three years and still haven't had mine), and that I've made significant progress on my father's books but still have a bunch of them on my living room floor, and that we decided today on a Plan for my back yard (in theory, they'll start ripping out the deck and everything else in a week and a half), and I could even mention my new sf-related website that isn't quite ready for public consumption yet. But I'm not gonna mention any of that, because, as noted above, I really ought to get back to Getting Things Done. So here I go.

No, really. I go. "Yes, forward on the foe," and all that.

This time I mean it. Really.

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