Books etc

Too sleepy to write much--I've been staying up past 2 most nights recently, but tonight I'm suddenly exhausted.

But wanted to note that almost all of my father's books are now sorted and shelved. About 10 shelves of hardcovers and trade paperbacks, about 9 shelves of mass-market paperbacks (doubled up in the spine-out/spine-up doubling pattern, to fit on 4 and a half shelves), a shelf and a half of oversize, and two shelves' worth of digest-sized magazines that I don't have a place for yet. Plus about 250 books (mostly his, but with 20 or 30 of mine mixed in) that I'll be getting rid of. Considering posting a list here, or maybe just photos showing all the spines en masse, in case anyone wants 'em, 'cause I still suspect local bookstores will be less than enthusiastic about the soot/smoke.

Of course, getting all those books onto shelves has required me to take other stuff off of shelves. I've got about two shelves' worth of hardcovers and trade paperbacks (mostly math/science/computer stuff) that I need to find a place for. They'll fit on the bookcases in my room--but only if I continue to remove software and papers and tchotchkes from those bookcases. I think a bunch of software boxes and papers are going to end up in boxes in the garage. And it's definitely time to buy some more of those "magazine file" boxes, which I can put on top of bookcases--I keep meaning to stop by the office-supply store on the way home from work and pick some up.

Not sure what to do with all the tchotchkes, though.

Anyway, that's another problem for another day. For now, to bed go I.

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