Life like a dream

Ever have one of those dreams where you look at the clock and it's noon and you have to be at an important meeting at 2, so you set out for it but then you look at the clock again and it's past 3, and you've missed the meeting but you rush off to your dinner at 6, but then you look at the clock again and it's 10 p.m. and the whole day has gone in what seems like five minutes?

I used to have those dreams all the time. I haven't had one in a while, but I'm a little surprised that I haven't, because the past two or three weeks have been like that in real life.

Time zooms past, and I discover that I haven't done my magazine reading and editing, nor have I paid my car insurance and flood insurance, nor have I finished last year's taxes (much less started this year's), nor have I finished dealing with Peter's books. I haven't made much progress in the ever-growing books-to-read stack, and my room is a disaster area, and the dishwasher broke the other day so I have no clean dishes (but thanks much to Twig for doing some cleanup around here in the past couple weeks), and the microwave has started making a disturbing rattling noise (and I let my appliance insurance lapse because I was barely using it), and I haven't rented a car for this weekend's Sea/Tac trip. And I'm writing this from the couch because my desk chair is full of clean laundry I haven't put away yet. And at work I'm getting stuff done but I have about five major projects due immediately or sooner, and people are asking me what's up with them, but a whole day can easily go by without my making much progress on most of them (mostly because I'm doing other important stuff that's even more time-critical). And that's not even thinking about all the personal email that's stacking up, and the fact that I've barely glanced at LJ and most other journals in months. Also, I'm six months behind on Asimov's and I accidentally let my Interzone subscription lapse, but haven't renewed it because when would I have time to read it?

And on top of all that, there's at least a month worth of life updates I've been wanting to write up and post here, but no time for that either.

On the other hand, I can't say I regret anything I've been doing instead of getting all this stuff done.

Which I would tell y'all about, except that that would take time, and I have no time.

So instead I'm going to go read submissions. And then sleep.

Oh, but I do want to mention that the new patio is looking very nice. It's not quite complete yet, but close. I'll post pictures at some point. Once it's done, the next step is for the guy who's doing the work to grade the yard, and put in sod or something, and add a trellis, and then Twig will add plants, and it will all look pretty and nice, and maybe sometime around March I can have a housewarming party (only three and a half years late).

Also, one other entirely unrelated thing: Christopher Eccleston! A.k.a. The Doctor! In the latest episode of Heroes! OMG totally unrecognizable! Beard! American accent! No big ears!

. . . Okay, one more unrelated thing: adorable baby otter photos! Kawaiiiiii!

Right. Now I'm really gonna go read subs.

6 Responses to “Life like a dream”

  1. silk_noir

    Dude, I so recognized him!

    (You will also remember he was the totally hot Norfolk in Elizabeth.)

  2. Karen

    He isn’t using an American accent, though, is he? Sounded cockney to me.

  3. Haddayr

    I endlessly have these dreams, and sometimes they’re my waking nightmare, as well.
    But usually it’s just when I’m asleep. I hates them.

  4. Jed

    silk_noir: I’m impressed that you recognized him–Kam and I sat there with his face on freeze-frame, comparing it to photo on the Dr. Who box, and we still weren’t sure. The nose looked right, but nothing else did. And thanks for the info re Elizabeth–I saw that years ago, but didn’t remember he was in it at all. …Wow, he’s been in a bunch of stuff, including Shallow Grave (which I liked a lot) and eXistenZ (which I liked a lot more than I expected to), but I don’t specifically remember him in any of that. Somehow it never occurred to me to look him up before.

    Karen: Huh–I may’ve just misheard the accent. I’ll have to watch that scene again.

    Haddayr: Yah. But I have to say they’re better than the dream I had this morning, which involved people dismembering each other with chainsaws. Ugh. Don’t know where that came from.

  5. Jeff

    I agree CE looks different in Heroes, my reaction was that he was very soft in a lot of ways that he was very hard and angular on Doctor Who. On the other hand two things made it very obvious to me who he was. The voice was absolutely unmistakable to me (so I don’t think it’s an American accent either) and also his walk is very distinctive. So in the early dream scenes where he’s just standing there laughing silently I didn’t figure out it was him, but at the end I definitely recognized him.

    It sounds like you just watched last week’s episode. In this week’s episode the writers also threw in a one-word reference which I suspect was intended as a nod to his Doctor Who work.

  6. Anonymous

    oh i so understand what he is talking about cause i feel the same!!!
    i thought i am alone such kind of person..


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