Submission update

Final submission count for January: 491 legitimate subs. Our previous highest-volume month was January of 2005, with 342 subs. That's a more than 40% increase. Yikes.

I had a whole rant here about how annoying it is when authors don't read the brief, easily scannable bullet points at the top of our fiction submission form, and especially when they don't read our cover letter guidelines; but it was really just like all the other rants you've read from editors about authors not reading guidelines, and anyway I know that those of you reading this are not the people who aren't reading the instructions, so it's silly for me to rant about it to you.

And as I noted at the end of the now-deleted rant, the fact that cover letters are my biggest complaint is a clear sign of just how much better the submission form has made things; we no longer have to deal with most of the really annoying formatting-related problems that used to appear in stories. So I'll stop complaining and just go to work.

2 Responses to “Submission update”

  1. sallytuppence

    Holy cow, Jed!!


    happy reading!

  2. Eric Marin

    Wow. That’s a lot of submissions. (I received just 186 unsolicited submissions for Lone Star Stories in January.)


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