Larkspur Landing Bellevue again

Yesterday evening, Kam drove me to the airport; after an hour sitting on the tarmac waiting for a light to be repaired, I had an uneventful flight. Picked up rental car, no problem.

I rented a Garmin GPS unit along with the car, 'cause I've been thinking about getting something like that for my own car and wanted to try it out. I was very annoyed to discover that if it can't pick up a GPS signal at the beginning of your trip, there's apparently no way to get it to pick up the signal while driving. I eventually pulled off the freeway and reset the unit; it picked up the signal and started navigating. Its directions are a little hard to get used to, especially while navigating onramps and offramps (I learned that "in .3 miles, keep right" does not mean "you should be in the right lane here," and I learned that it doesn't know about left-turn-only lanes, so it sometimes says "turn left now" when you're not in a lane that you can turn left from), but it might be good enough for my purposes. I'll experiment further today and tomorrow.

Eventually arrived at my hotel, the Larkspur Landing Bellevue. Various friends and family had offered me a place to stay, but I wanted high-speed Internet access, and I was feeling in need of having some space and time entirely to myself, without feeling that I should leave my room and go interact with with my hosts. And I had stayed here before and liked it very much.

And it's just as nice this time. The tastefully appointed lobby; the friendly and helpful front-desk guy; the basket of apples for guests on the front desk; the large room, with full kitchenette (incl. full-size refrigerator and small two-burner stovetop) and large bathroom; the view out the window directly onto a wooded slope.

I immediately hooked up my computer, of course, using the Ethernet jack in the room and my tiny portable IOGEAR retractable Ethernet cable. (This appears to be a product-placement entry, doesn't it?) Unfortunately, I couldn't get a connection; I suspect the cable connectors have gotten dusty in my waistpack or something. I thought to myself, I wonder if there's any chance the hotel could loan me a cable. And then I looked at the Internet-info card on the room's desk, which says, among other things: "A CAT-5 cable is located in your guest suite closet." Sure enough, there it was, in a cute little cloth bag embroidered with the words "INTERNET CABLE." And it worked, and I was happy.

And after I finished dinner, I was kind of thinking it would be nice to have a little piece of something sweet--and then remembered that the hotel leaves a square of good chocolate by the bed.

Slept fairly well; had the hotel's free breakfast; read a bunch of submissions.

I really like this place. And I'm guessing this is the off-season, 'cause for a hotel room it's not expensive.

There appear to be a bunch of other Larkspur Landing hotels up and down the west coast, including one in Sunnyvale; if the others are anything like this, they're well worth staying in.

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