Attended Mary Anne's baby shower yesterday. Fun, and good to see various people I haven't seen in much too long. (Also v. nice to have lunch with M beforehand, in extraordinarily sunny downtown Los Gatos.)

Afterward, stopped by the grocery store for bagels and juice and such, then picked up my computer and headed over to Kam's around 9:30ish p.m., expecting to spend the rest of the evening reading submissions.

So I did a quick email check, and entered half a dozen subs into the database, and found that I was having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Eventually took a nap for about an hour, got up around midnight, thought I was awake enough to go home, but by the time I made it back to the living room I was barely awake again. Ended up asking Kam to drive me home (thank you, Kam!); stumbled into bed; slept intermittently for another nine hours or so; woke up still groggy.

I probably could've driven home safely if I'd left right when I first started getting sleepy, but I'm trying to teach myself not to drive when sleepy if I can help it. Really, I probably should've just slept at Kam's, but I really wanted to be home in my own bed.

Dunno what's up. Yesterday was social but not so social as to be this exhausting. Possibly slightly sick?

Anyway. Today's plan: read subs; edit stories; maybe finish taxes; see whether weather's still nice out; possibly go pick up my car from Kam's. And maybe take a nap.

2 Responses to “Groggy”

  1. jenderqueer

    I was so tired I almost slept on my friend’s couch last night, because I was feeling groggy and had to drive over the bridge… I really, really wanted my bed though, so I played freeze-out and drove home. Good talking yesterday. *hugs*

  2. Maximum of Indolence

    I have been really tired all week. Just woke up after about 12 hours of sleep and feeling much restored. There is all kinds of yucky sickness going around.


    I wish you were in the north bay! I have some tasty smoked chicken that I’m making into soup. Soup is good for everything.


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