Submission update

The Strange Horizons fiction department has now responded to all stories submitted before 3 February 2007; if you or anyone you know sent us a story before that date and haven't heard back from us, please query.

As usual, this applies only to the fiction department.

In other news, the deluge continues: we received 336 stories in March, making it our fourth-highest-volume month ever (and only a few subs short of being second-highest). That's up 17% over last March. Still, average stories per day are slightly down from February, so at least volume-per-day isn't going up.

So I was hoping that maybe April would settle down a little, volume-wise, but I had forgotten all about the traditional flood of themed April Fool's Day submissions. We ended up with 21 submissions yesterday; I think about 8 of those were probably part of what one author called "the celebratory slushbomb." (And another one or two came in after midnight EST.)

I'm reminded of the famous lines from Chaucer:

Whan that Aprill, with his subbes soote

The brayns of editors hath perced to the roote...

(I think that was from Chaucer's "The Zombie Editor's Tale.")

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