Painless travel

Thanks once again to Heather W for the suggestion to travel to Madison via Minneapolis. Today's flight from MSN to MSP left on time; the flight from MSP was delayed by about 20 minutes due to delays getting the plane there from somewhere else, but there were no weather problems in MSP nor huge backlogs of other planes trying to depart. The upshot of which is that I have arrived safely home basically at the expected time, rather than hours or days later.

I gathered as I was leaving that flights through Chicago were having the usual Memorial Day problems. :( But I may have misunderstood. Regardless, I hope y'all who took that route make it home okay.

And for next time, I highly highly recommend the Minneapolis route. I obviously can't guarantee that it'll be better than Chicago, but it sure was this year, and from what Heather said, it sounds like it usually is.

Heather also said, iIrc, that a friend of hers (someone I finally met in person this weekend after long but intermittent online acquaintance) has been known to fly from Vermont to MSN via Newark, just to avoid Chicago.

I'm beginning to feel like flying via Chicago on Memorial Day weekend is kind of like an abusive relationship. The same stuff happens every time, and yet we keep coming back for more. Just say no!

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  1. .: hhw :.

    I’m glad to hear it worked out for you! I had a problem involving a jar of jam in my carry-on luggage (it’s considered a liquid/gel and thus not allowed) but otherwise my travel was similarly problem-free. My bus in Portland was even 10 minutes late when I needed it to be, saving me having to wait half an hour for the next one.

    ps: I’m not the person with the friend in Vermont.

  2. Jed

    Was it a jar of Tiptree jam, by any chance? Sorry to hear it wasn’t allowed, at any rate.

    Re Vermont: Weird. I wonder who I was talking with. Must be end-of-con brainmuddle setting in. Sorry for confusion….

  3. .: hhw :.

    It was jam from the “Summer Harvest” farm, which has a stand at the Madison farmer’s market. I highly recommend their jams, which I have been buying for several years now. I still have a couple of jars at home, and they do mail order, so I’m not left tragically jamless.

    I forgot to look for Tiptree jam when I was in London last summer, but I did get a tiny jar at Wiscon several years ago. I’ve long since eaten the jam, but I still have the jar.

  4. Jed

    Glad to hear you’re not jamless. That would be sad.

    I think I figured out my confusion: Within roughly five minutes of chatting with you at the airport (MSN), I ran into Laura Q, whom I hadn’t previously met in person, and we chatted briefly, and I think I must have conflated the two brief chats; I think it was she who mentioned the Vermont-Newark-MSN route. Unless it was someone else.

  5. therem

    Hey, Jed! JED here. 🙂 As another clue to the Vermont Mystery, I can say that your guess about Laura being the one to mention my travel route is probably right. She and I shared a hotel room at WisCon and chatted quite a bit about travel. She was brutally done wrong by the Chicago stopover…

    Incidentally, I didn’t actually go through Newark to avoid Chicago — it was just a more convenient and cheaper flight than anything else. Now I know to do it consciously in the future!

    It was good to meet you this weekend. I wish we had gotten to have a real chat. Maybe next year?


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