Quick updates

Sorry not to post much lately.

The memorial on Saturday was good. More on that later, I hope.

Sunday I hung out with Debby & John & Rose & David for much of the day, then had a very brief visit with Ellie & Dana & Esther, then went to the airport, where I discovered my flight had been delayed by an hour and a half. I had intended all day to check whether the flight was on time, but the fact that it had been listed as on time the night before lulled me into not bothering to check. Particularly disappointing given that I'd cut my visit with E&D&E short to get to the plane. Later there were a couple of other delays of various sorts, resulting in (as previously noted) my arriving home about three hours later than planned.

Monday, I didn't feel well, so I stayed home from work and recuperated. I didn't leave the house or interact with anyone in realtime (except for a brief phone call with Mary Anne) for over 24 hours. It was very nice. I watched some Fawlty Towers and did some reading. There was a weird period when I literally couldn't sit still--it wasn't that I wanted to go out and do things, it was just that I got jumpy if I wasn't in motion. But that eventually wore off.

Speaking of Mary Anne, btw, she and Kevin and Kavya and Elinor made it safely to California, but they have no easy Net access at the moment.

Had dinner with them yesterday and discussed the iPhone. Then spent the rest of the evening with Kam; we caught up on Dr. Who and watched a couple of Enterprise episodes.

Despite having had two different social encounters last night, though, I'm trying this week to keep the social stuff to a minimum. I've been way overdoing it lately, and I need to start making sure I get enough downtime on a regular basis.

More on other topics soon.

I'll close with some quasi-spoilers (in vague general terms, not specifics) re recent Dr. Who:

Kam and I have been pretty unhappy about the past couple episodes. Fairly weak plotting and writing, and really annoying that they can't seem to think of anything better to do with Martha. She's a trained medical professional! And we saw in her first appearance that she's smart and competent and self-assured. So why does she spend all of her time (a) mooning over the Doctor, (b) screaming and running, and (c) occasionally coming up with a more or less useful plan/idea that doesn't make much sense and (despite saving her and her companions in the short term) doesn't have much effect on the overall episode's plot? In her first episode, she instantly became one of my favorite Companions (notwithstanding the fact that I liked Rose an awful lot), but since then she's lost almost all of her appeal for me.

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