My weekend

I spent the seventeen and a half hours from Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. to Saturday at noon roughly as follows (these are total times spent on various activities, not in chronological order):

  • Six and a half hours of driving.
  • Picking up two different people at the United arrivals area at SFO about nine and a half hours apart.
  • Five and a half hours of sleeping.
  • Three and a half or four hours of socializing while not driving (a dinner and a breakfast).
  • An hour or so in the middle of the night of finishing my column for Flytrap.
  • An hour or so of assorted this and that--getting ready for bed, getting up, administrative stuff for SH subs, etc.

Given the insufficient sleep Friday night, the rest of the weekend was pretty much a blur.

Saturday afternoon and evening, groggily, I read magazine subs and watched the season finale of Dr. Who and tried to get my computer fans to stop making incredibly annoying quacking sounds at one-second intervals. (They stopped about five seconds after I gave up on computer stuff for the night.)

Sunday I read more magazine subs and then ended up taking a three-hour nap, which was much needed but which I could ill afford. I also spent a few hours on editing, which I had expected to take only an hour or so, and an hour or two on work that I didn't get done on Friday; the result was that I didn't get anything done for most of the day on two major projects that I'd hoped to make significant progress on. I did finally spend an hour or two before bed working on the game, but I'm still significantly behind where I'd hoped to be on that; that's gonna be my main project this week, outside of work.

I originally wrote this entry on Monday morning. I concluded it like so:

Btw, my server at Pair got upgraded this morning. I haven't seen any problems, but if you run into any weirdness involving my journal, Vardibidian's, or Dan's, let me know ASAP.

And then I went and actually looked at my journal and discovered just how hosed it really was, which has resulted in several hours' worth of poking at it over the past day and a half. I figure it's worth including my original ending to this entry (as quoted above) for amusement value.

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