Today would've been my father's 68th birthday. Dobe and I have both posted entries on the blog about Peter.

Today is also the 27th anniversary of my mother's death.

I miss them both.

The first half of the day was pretty good--distracting myself with email and a fun book Twig loaned me, more on which later--but this evening I've been sad. Went grocery shopping while hungry, stopped by Kam's on the way home to get a hug, came home and had a very international dinner--pupusas, inari, mozzarella sticks; macaroons and pumpkin pie for dessert. (It's kind of neat that I can get all of those things at the local yuppie grocery store.) Not the healthiest dinner ever, but comfort food of a sort. (Not in the sense of childhood favorites; just somehow comforting-feeling food.) Also bought a couple of favorite snacks of Peter's, but I'll talk about those in the other blog sooner or later.

I should probably go do some editing and then get some sleep.

3 Responses to “Today”


    ::hug hug::

  2. Haddayr

    Oh, Jed. Sorry I didn’t read this before today.

    Hope you’re taking care of yourself. Wish you had them back.

  3. Kendra

    Is a hug for this still valid two days later? *hug*


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