My travel year

In any given year, I usually attend a couple of conventions and take a couple of trips to see friends and/or family. But this year I'm doing a lot of travel (by my standards). A quick rundown, starting a few months back:

January 25-27: Seattle(ish) for Grandma's posthumous 100th birthday party.

February 2-8: LA for the company trip to Disneyland (which I wrote up but never posted; will do that someday) and to see family plus a few friends.

February 15-18: Chicago for belated 10th-anniversary weekend with Mary Anne.

February 21-25: Mazatlán with Kam.

May 22-28: WisCon in Madison, plus a couple days in Chicago afterward.

June 5-8: Alumni Weekend at Swarthmore.

June 25-28: Seattle to see friends and work out of Seattle office.

July 2-8: Chicago to see Mary Anne.

July 20(?)-August 2(?): Boston for a wedding and to see friends.

August 6-10: WorldCon, Denver.

Sometime in December: possible trip to New Zealand with Kam?

I have a feeling I'm missing a trip somewhere in the above, but I can't think what. Maybe I'm just thinking that more out-of-town friends than usual have been visiting this year, which is of course great. (I have a guest room, and I'm not afraid to use it!)

I had hoped to make it to NYC at some point this year, but alas, that's looking pretty unlikely now. I think I'm going to need all fall to recover from all the traveling.

Anyway, so now you know why I'm suddenly so interested in teleportation.

(Actually, I've always been interested in teleportation. I've been pestering my physics-major friends for years to hurry up and invent it, but they never seem to get around to it.)

3 Responses to “My travel year”

  1. Stephanie Burgis

    Oh, good luck getting to New Zealand! That sounds wonderful. (I’ve been wanting to go ever since watching LotR. Such gorgeous scenery!)

  2. Anonymous

    I think the goal for WorldCon this year should be to have a bigger positive impact upon the psyche of, and generate more positive general public involvement from, Denver than the DNC.

    At some point you should visit SWIL Outpost: Las Vegas, but maybe that should wait until 2009 when we’re more established and you’re not in, say, New Zealand or Mars Colony or wherever 🙂

  3. Wayman

    Doh, that was I above.


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