Sleepy miscellany

I owe a bunch of you email. I'm sorry about that. I'll try and get to it soon. The answers to most of your questions are probably "yes." Unless the questions are things like "Have you forgotten all about me?" or "Are you intentionally ignoring me?"

Also, I apparently get kind of punchy when I'm sleepy.

Past couple weeks have been kind of a blur. Last week was focused largely on magazine stuff--I read about 90 submissions, among other things--and I intended to keep up that focus this week but the week's really gotten away from me.

Missed the equinox (it was this past Monday, the 22nd); haven't gotten much done at work; have read about 50 stories in the past 5 or 6 days, but that's not as many as I'd intended. Kam and I watched the first half of the first episode of the new Knight Rider before giving up. We also watched the two-part Heroes season opener, about which we had mixed feelings. (It's amazing just how many of the characters are receiving personality transplants in order to prepare for the exigencies of this season's plot. Let's see, what entirely new personality traits can we give this established character? Still, I found these episodes more promising than most of last season; I had just about given up on the show. And I've never really been all that big a fan of it.)

We also watched the latest Sarah Connor episode; it was a big step up from the previous episode, which was (imo) quite weak. I'm inclined to think the writers are now mostly back on top of their game, but I think Kam is a little dubious--still a little too much of the characters behaving in not-so-bright ways in order to make the plot work.

The other night (last Friday, I guess--time flies), I was stressed and needing distraction, so I watched A Mighty Wind (didn't do much for me, though I did enjoy some of the songs); then watched The Great Dictator, which I was dubious about going into it (because I haven't really enjoyed some of the other Chaplin movies I've seen) but ended up quite liking. I was still stressed on Saturday, but various people were very comforting; thanks!

Not really sure where the rest of the weekend went. Spent some of it playing iPhone games (and some day I'll get around to writing up which ones I like), and some of it thinking "I could take a break and try writing some fiction" or "I could respond to some of that email that I owe people" but not actually doing either of those things. And there was some Love & Rockets reading somewhere in there, and I'm finally nearly done reading Strahan's Best SF/F, vol. 2. But much of the weekend just kind of evaporated. Kind of like my brain.

Have also spent too much time this week unable to look away from the country's ongoing financial train wreck. Sigh.

Oh, and Kam and I are planning a tall ship excursion for late October.

Anyway. Am currently totally exhausted and having trouble keeping eyes open, so I'm gonna go to bed. It's quite early by my standards--I haven't gotten to sleep before 2 in a while--so it'll be interesting to see whether I (a) manage to catch up on some lost sleep (which would be nice), or (b) wake up at 6 a.m. (which also wouldn't be so bad; it would give me a solid block of time to read subs, if I don't get distracted).

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