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Maybe it's just the end-of-Daylight-Saving-induced punchiness (I meant to be asleep an hour ago), but Fafblog Interviews: JOHN MCCAIN made me laugh quite a bit. Some excerpts:

MCCAIN: Because I know the problems Americans are going through right now. The American people are angry, my friends. They're hurt. They've been beaten by their captors for five and a half years.


MCCAIN: [....] And, and the first thing we have to do is let General Petraeus finish the job of securing Iraq for the Iraqi people, a proud and united people, so that it doesn't fall into the hands of their enemies, the Iraqi people.


MCCAIN: [...] The first thing we have to do in order to win is to win, which I believe we can accomplish through means of winning.


FB: [...] Why shouldn't I vote for [Obama]?

MCCAIN: Because I know war, my friends. I've lived with war. Slept with war. Fondled war. Has Barack Obama ever made sweet love to the outer casing of an intercontinental ballistic missile? [...]

Yes, yes, the whole piece is totally unfair to McCain. But in these dark times, we take what humor we can get. Thanks, Alastair!

2 Responses to “Fafblog FTW”

  1. Monica

    Hello! I’m a former student of Mary Anne’s from Clarion…I know you’ve been posting about Prop 8, so I wanted to share this with you: How to Save Your Marriage- DIRTY extended version

  2. Jed

    Thanks for the link, Monica. I took the liberty of adding the video’s title, to help make clear to readers that the audio part of that video is very definitely not work-safe.


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