I've been reading (and re-reading) Joan Aiken's Armitage-family stories in occasional spare moments, and still enjoying them. Yay!

But I spent all of this past week not finishing my long-overdue deadline for work. Boo!

But I more or less finished it today. (Only about two months later than I'd originally hoped.) Yay!

But I still have a tiny bit more to do tomorrow. Boo!

But I got to come home and not think about work tonight. Yay!

So instead I got to think about my backup drive having crashed horribly and possibly non-recoverably. Boo!

But at least it was only my backup drive and not my main drive. Yay!

But if anything goes wrong with my main drive while the backup drive is broken, I'm in trouble. Boo!

But I found a suggestion on how to fix this kind of Time Capsule failure. Yay!

But it may take twenty hours to finish running the command, and I don't know whether it'll actually fix the problem. Boo!

But I had the time and energy to go grocery shopping and do laundry, both for the first time in a couple weeks. Yay! (Also did dishes over the weekend, for the first time in longer than I'm willing to admit.)

But I ended up not managing to do any editing tonight. Boo!

But I did read a submission. Yay!

But only one. Boo!

But at least I got to play some casual boardgames at Kam's yesterday. Yay!

But due to stupid mistakes and inattention, I wasted my first two turns in a game of Puerto Rico, which contributed to my losing by quite a lot. Boo! (This wasn't a tragedy; just annoying, because (a) one of the things I love about the game is how balanced it usually is, and (b) I spent the whole game aware that I was a turn or two behind where I should've been and that I was way behind everyone else, which made me enjoy it less than I normally do.)

But at least I got some decent sleep on Saturday night. Yay!

But it wasn't really enough to make up for not nearly enough sleep several other nights this past week. Boo!

But I got a few things done, or at least started, over the weekend. Yay!

But I didn't manage to email or call most of the zillions of people to whom I owe notes or phone calls. Boo!

But I'm finally getting a chance to write a journal entry. Yay!

But it's kind of incoherent and scattered. Boo!

But last week I got to go bowling (which I did quite well at despite not having bowled in years), play air hockey (which I really like), and play Dance Dance Revolution in an arcade for the first time, all for work (an "onsite offsite" gathering of the company's tech writers, which we called "Burning Pen"). And all of those things were fun. Yay!

But I spent too much of the more serious parts of Burning Pen fretting about my deadline, and trying to find spare moments in which to finish stuff up for that deadline. Boo!

But now I'm going to sleep, and tomorrow will be, most likely, another day. Yay!

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  1. Twig

    And if you have a free night this week, we can have dinner? Yay!


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