Still alive

Had dinner with Pam & Arthur & Ray & Robbie (who's about to turn 2); got home, decided to give myself the rest of the night off from editing.

So instead I finished Portal. Went fairly smoothly, though my failure to explicitly save at a particular point last time meant I had to re-play a fair bit of the part before the final battle.

My advice to anyone playing Portal: save early and often. And don't just use the F6-key quick-save (which I did a whole lot last session); regularly do the full Save Game thing.

Anyway, the final sequence is cute, and the song at the end is every bit as excellent as everyone says. Go, Jonathan Coulton! I'm pleased to see that it's available on the iTunes Store.

Afterward, spent a while looking at various videos--speed runs, the "pacifist ending" video, various behind-the-scenes cheats, etc. Fun!

Considered trying some of the advanced levels, but decided I'm done with the game.

Unfortunately, something's messed up in my copy (really Kam's copy, but we've been playing it on my iMac under Boot Camp) such that if you click the Achievements option, the game crashes. It used to work; dunno what happened. Not worth the time to reinstall it, I think. So I'm not sure which of the Achievements we managed. Oh, well.

Overall, fun game; well worth playing.

The urge to utter a certain quasi-spoilery catch-phrase (involving baked goods) at this juncture is very strong, so perhaps I should end this entry here.

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