Why Tom Zarek Was Right

I really was about to go to bed half an hour ago, but then I saw that Joe R had pointed to a Letter to the Editor (contains MAJOR SPOILERS for everything up to and including the February 6 episode of BSG) from someone signing themselves "Concerned Colonial Citizen." It makes some excellent points about the political situation among the Colonial fleet vis-a-vis the Galactica, the Cylons (which the letter-writer disconcertingly but plausibly persists in referring to as "the Cylon") and Admiral Adama.

No spoilers in my entry here; I just want to quote one non-spoilery line I particularly liked:

[A]llowing the Cylon to achieve complete operational and strategic surprise is something that we can manage without Cylon assistance.

Many of the comments are also well worth reading. I laughed at this one:

I am concerned about where Concerned Colonial Citizen gets his or her information. It appears almost as if CCC has an omniscient source of information that is not available to average Colonials.

There are various followup letters and responses in other blogs, in both in-universe and out-of-universe style, but most of the disagreements I've seen use arguments I don't find especially compelling. The one I've seen that I think holds water is Matthew Yglesias's (which is also full of spoilers, of course).

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