Alternate-reality teen comedy

I'd like to see a John Hughes-style high school comedy set in a universe in which it's the smart kids who are the popular crowd.

Hank, a handsome football player who's struggling academically, is a disappointment to his father, a popular English professor. One day Hank's father asks him to pick up an antique copy of Sheridan's The Rivals that's just arrived at the local bookstore; while he's there, Hank runs into Tina, generally considered the smartest girl in the school.

Tina is impressed that (she thinks) Hank knows about Sheridan. ("Dude!" says Hank's best friend, an attractive cheerleader (with mediocre grades) named Sally. "I think Miss 5.0 GPA is checking you out!") Under the mistaken impression that Hank is better-read than he looks, Tina flirts with him, and hints that she wouldn't mind being seen with him at the annual Book Fair, the biggest social event of the year.

Hank now has a deadline--he has to memorize Sheridan's biography and scenes from The Rivals and improve his GPA in time for the book fair, all while keeping up with football, or he'll be the laughingstock of the school. Again.

So he enlists Sally's aid in helping him study, little realizing that Sally has a huge crush on him.

Hilarity and romance ensue. (And as usual, in the end, the social order is maintained, and nobody has to date anyone who's Not Our Kind.)

(Yes, I know, it's the plot of Some Kind of Wonderful. So sue me.)

(I initially wrote Some Kind of Wonderflu. That's a different movie altogether, one of those medical thrillers.)

(Added later: I wrote and posted this in a hurry, so neglected to note that there are movies in which the smart kids are romantic leads, most notably Real Genius. But that's not quite the same thing. Also, I'm sorta kinda describing the plot of Say Anything, I guess. Anyway, I didn't really mean this entry to be any sort of claim to originality, I was just tickled by the image.)

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  1. Kir

    Reminds me of Pretty in Pink but I may be misremembering. Or not, I mean, John Hughes, what can ya do.

    There are probably YA novels doing this. I can’t quite see it from Norma Klein, but maybe.

    I am full of maybes and ifs! I must need more coffee.


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