Zeppelins and other air travel

It occurred to me Saturday morning that I had no idea how to dress for a zeppelin ride. I could only find two photos of Airship Ventures passengers (though I'm pretty sure I've seen others in the past): one with a mix of men and women wearing reasonably nice clothes (men in button-down shirts of various colors), one with half a dozen serious-looking men in business suits.

Eventually decided to go with high end of casual: nice-ish new trousers, button-down denim shirt, dress-ish shoes. The other passengers turned out to have a range of styles: a couple of guys in T-shirts, some people fairly casual, others a little fancier. Nobody was super dressed up.

I was briefly disappointed at some point Saturday morning to realize that if I had started planning earlier, I could've really run with it: borrow a fedora, wear a suit, possibly shave my beard, rent a PT Cruiser, show up in 1940s character. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't, but it was a fun idea to contemplate.

Anyway. The trip was lovely; I had a great time. Thanks again to all who helped make it happen; I'll try and get a list of contributors so I can thank you individually.

Another thing I did Saturday morning was research and buy a new digital camera: a Canon SX200 IS. I was disappointed to discover, after buying it, how big it is; based on dimensions listed online, I had been expecting it to be just slightly bigger than my SD700, but it's enough bigger that I don't really want to carry it around all the time. But it was totally worth it for this trip: the key feature of the SX200 is that it does 12x optical zoom. Which in this context was way way better than the 4x optical zoom that my SD700 does. (I think I'll keep the SX200 and just take it on trips where it's likely to be useful, and keep carrying a smaller one with me at other times.)

So I took about 300 photos before, during, and after the zeppelin ride, and a couple dozen video clips, and then another hundred or so photos at the Computer History Museum. I'll be posting a selection of photos and videos at some point, but it may be a while. (I posted a few to Facebook already--the ones taken from the ground with my iPhone, which are small but very easy to upload to Facebook. But we had to keep our cell phones turned off during the flight, and it seemed silly to take iPhone photos from the air when I had a better camera on hand.)

I'll also try and post more about the trip at some point, but not right now--this was meant to be a quick placeholder entry, but it got a little out of hand. Right now, I need to go pack, 'cause I need to leave for my flight in a little under three hours.

I forget what I've said about this trip. Flying to NYC this afternoon, arriving quite late; in NYC M-F for work; Friday late afternoon, train to Philadelphia; renting a car at 30th St. Station (didn't know 'til a couple weeks ago that they had car rentals!), spending the weekend in Swarthmore; flying home next Sunday.

5 Responses to “Zeppelins and other air travel”

  1. irilyth

    Wow, I thought my 6x optical zoom camera was nifty (especially for the price) when I got it, but it looks like you can now get a $200 Canon with a 10x zoom.

    Yap zeppelins!

  2. wayman

    Having now experienced zeppelin travel, do you wish your cross-country flight to New York were by airship instead of aeroplane?

  3. Betsy HP

    I looked up at the zeppelin yesterday morning and wondered if it was you. Happy Birthday!

  4. KJ

    Happy birthday yesterday!! I’m glad you enjoyed your flight. What a fantastic gift. Enjoy the rest of birthday week/month/season.

  5. David Moles

    Next time I’d say one of these, with a white silk scarf and riding boots. (I haven’t got the figure for it, but I think you could pull it off.) Happy birthday!


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