Virtues revisited

A spam comment led me to re-read the answers people gave to my question back in 2005 about favorite virtues. And it was somehow really nice to read those--I don't know that I can explain this, but I found it oddly comforting to see people talking about positive qualities. So thanks again to all who've commented there. And if you haven't, or if you want to revise your answer, feel free to comment there or here with more of your favorite virtues.

One Response to “Virtues revisited”

  1. Colin

    Courtesy: It seems to be somewhat underrated in our culture, but I’ve always believed that it’s one of those “pay it forward” virtues. Be it opening the door for a stranger at a store, picking up that wet paper towel on the bathroom floor at work or asking the cashier at a store how their day is going/wishing them a nice day as you leave. It’s the small things that often can turn someone’s day around.


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